A Monolithically Integrated Laser-Photodetector Chip for On-Chip Photonic...
gamma-GeSe: A two-dimensional ferroelectric material with doping-induced ...
Temporal soliton and optical frequency comb generation in a Brillouin las...
Development and Investigation of a NASICON-Type High-Voltage Cathode Mate...
Beam-shaping technique for fiber-coupled diode laser system by homogenizi...
Effects of stimulation frequency and stimulation waveform on steady-state...
Density functional theory study of the electronic and optical properties ...
Fabrication of the laser textured nickel surface and its tribological pro...
Optimized arrangement of vertical cavity surface emitting laser arrays to...
Piezoelectric-Piezoresistive Coupling MEMS Sensors for Measurement of Ele... 19-11-01
Low Computational Cost Distributed Acoustic Sensing Using Analog I/Q Demo... 19-10-24
A Resonant Z-Axis Aluminum Nitride Thin-Film Piezoelectric MEMS Accelerom... 19-10-24
Photonic generation of frequency-doubled triangular waveforms based on a ... 19-10-24
Eight-wavelength receiver optical subassembly based on silica hybrid inte... 19-10-24
Fully integrated receiver for free-space visible light communication 19-10-24
Defect evolution of oxygen induced V-th-shift for ON-state biased AlGaN/G... 19-10-24
Spin-orbit torque induced magnetization switching in ferrimagnetic Heusle... 19-10-24
A Fully Integrated 25 Gb/s Low-Noise TIA plus CDR Optical Receiver Design... 19-10-24
An 18-23 GHz 57.4-fs RMS Jitter-253.5-dB FoM Sub-Harmonically Injection-L... 19-10-24
Low-Noise Broadband CMOS TIA Based on Multi-Stage Stagger-Tuned Amplifier... 19-10-24
AlGaN Nanowires Grown on SiO2/Si (100) Using Graphene as a Buffer Layer 19-10-24
Recent progress in diamond-based MOSFETs 19-10-24
Stable beta-CsPbI3 inorganic perovskites deliver photovoltaic efficiency ... 19-10-24
Development of Implantable Multichannel Nural Mcroelectrodes 19-10-24
Optoelectronic properties of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser at lo... 19-10-24
Tunable notch microwave photonic filter based on interferometry of a sing... 19-10-24
2D In2S3 Nanoflake Coupled with Graphene toward High-Sensitivity and Fast... 19-10-24
Al-Doping-Induced VO2 (B) Phase in VO2 (M) Toward Smart Optical Thin Film... 19-10-24
Barrier-assisted ion beam synthesis of transfer-free graphene on an arbit... 19-10-21

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