Large Band Edge Tunability in Colloidal Nanoplatelets
A T-Shape Aluminum Nitride Thin-Film Piezoelectric MEMS Resonant Accelero...
MoS2 dual-gate transistors with electrostatically doped contacts
Deterministic Yet Flexible Directional Light Emission from Spiral Nanomem...
High-efficiency apodized bidirectional grating coupler for perfectly vert...
Cesium Lead Inorganic Solar Cell with Efficiency beyond 18% via Reduced C...
Epitaxial growth of large-scale In2S3 nanoflakes and the construction of ...
A Double-Step Unscented Kalman Filter and HMM-Based Zero-Velocity Update ...
Piezoelectric-Piezoresistive Coupling MEMS Sensors for Measurement of Ele...
Low Computational Cost Distributed Acoustic Sensing Using Analog I/Q Demo...
Phonon-Assisted Electro-Optical Switches and Logic Gates Based on Semicon... 19-09-12
Influence of Solution Deposition Process on Modulating Majority Charge Ca... 19-09-12
The contribution of Cr(III)-doping on the modulation of magnetic and lumi... 19-09-12
Suppression of optical field leakage in GaN-based green laser diode using... 19-09-12
Growth and characterization of type-II superlattice photodiodes with cuto... 19-09-12
Interface of Electrical Data-Bus to Multimode Optical Data-Bus Using Race... 19-09-12
Spin Logic Devices via Electric Field Controlled Magnetization Reversal b... 19-09-12
Optoelectronic properties of new direct bandgap polymorphs of single-laye... 19-09-12
The optimization of optical modes in Ni-BiVO4 nanoarrays for boosting pho... 19-09-12
《半导体学报》2019年第9期目录 19-08-30
Flexible Smart Noncontact Control Systems with Ultrasensitive Humidity Se... 19-08-29
Compositional Engineering of Mixed-Cation Lead Mixed-Halide Perovskites f... 19-08-29
Fingerprint-Inspired Conducting Hierarchical Wrinkles for Energy-Harvesti... 19-08-29
Water-proof and thermally inert flexible pressure sensors based on zero t... 19-08-29
A CDMA-based high-speed multi-access VLC system with OOK modulation 19-08-29
Impact of Cone-Shape-Patterned Sapphire Substrate and Temperature on the ... 19-08-23
Label-Free Exosome Detection Based on a Low-Cost Plasmonic Biosensor Arra... 19-08-23
Peeling off Nanometer-Thick Ferromagnetic Layers and Their van der Waals ... 19-08-23
A Face Alignment Accelerator Based on Optimized Coarse-to-Fine Shape Sear... 19-08-23
High-Efficiency Single-Component Organic Light-Emitting Transistors 19-08-23

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