Barrier-assisted ion beam synthesis of transfer-free graphene on an arbit...
Realization of larger band gap opening of graphene and type-I band alignm...
Influence of small indium content in quantum barriers on the luminescence...
Optimization of the classical interference visibility of an asymmetric Ma...
LGCN: Learnable Gabor Convolution Network for Human Gender Recognition in...
Investigation of Electrode Electrochemical Reactions in CH3NH3PbBr3 Perov...
High-Efficiency Single-Component Organic Light-Emitting Transistors
The self-compensation effect of heavily Mg doped p-GaN films studied by S...
Different influence of InGaN lower waveguide layer on the performance of ...
Internet of Things to network smart devices for ecosystem monitoring
Optoelectronic properties of new direct bandgap polymorphs of single-laye... 19-09-12
The optimization of optical modes in Ni-BiVO4 nanoarrays for boosting pho... 19-09-12
《半导体学报》2019年第9期目录 19-08-30
Flexible Smart Noncontact Control Systems with Ultrasensitive Humidity Se... 19-08-29
Compositional Engineering of Mixed-Cation Lead Mixed-Halide Perovskites f... 19-08-29
Fingerprint-Inspired Conducting Hierarchical Wrinkles for Energy-Harvesti... 19-08-29
Water-proof and thermally inert flexible pressure sensors based on zero t... 19-08-29
A CDMA-based high-speed multi-access VLC system with OOK modulation 19-08-29
Impact of Cone-Shape-Patterned Sapphire Substrate and Temperature on the ... 19-08-23
Label-Free Exosome Detection Based on a Low-Cost Plasmonic Biosensor Arra... 19-08-23
Peeling off Nanometer-Thick Ferromagnetic Layers and Their van der Waals ... 19-08-23
A Face Alignment Accelerator Based on Optimized Coarse-to-Fine Shape Sear... 19-08-23
High-Efficiency Single-Component Organic Light-Emitting Transistors 19-08-23
Research progress of efficient green perovskite light emitting diodes 19-08-23
Two-dimensional nodal-loop half-metal in monolayer MnN 19-08-23
波兰科学院院士Tomasz Dietl教授?#22797;?#24615;半导体 19-08-16
半导体学报2019年第8期——磁性半导体的机遇与挑战专刊 19-08-16
《半导体学报》2019年第8期目录 19-08-15
A Fast and Universal RFID Tag Anti-Collision Algorithm for the Internet o... 19-08-15
Self-Powered Flexible Blood Oxygen Monitoring System Based on a Triboelec... 19-08-15

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