Effect of C-doped GaN film thickness on the structural and electrical pro...
High operating temperature InAsSb-based mid-infrared focal plane array wi...
Metasurface-integrated vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers for progra...
Impact of Perovskite Composition on Film Formation Quality and Photophysi...
Recent progress and future prospects of sodium-ion capacitors
Enhanced effect of 1,2-dichlorobenzene on the property of PC61BM and pero...
MBE growth of high quality AlInSb/GaSb compound buffer layers on GaAs sub...
From negative to positive magnetoresistance in the intrinsic magnetic top...
Dual-Functional Transmitter for Simultaneous RF/LFM Signal Using a Monoli...
Watt-Level CW Ti: Sapphire Oscillator Directly Pumped With Green Laser Di...
Chiral emission and Purcell enhancement in a hybrid plasmonic-photonic mi... 20-03-03
Surface-Polarity-Induced Spatial Charge Separation Boosts Photocatalytic ... 20-03-03
Ultrafast photonics of two dimensional AuTe2Se4/3 in fiber lasers 20-03-03
Valley-Layer Coupling: A New Design Principle for Valleytronics 20-03-03
Strategic measurement for the axis-orientation and electro-optic coeffici... 20-03-03
The route and optimization of charge transport in ternary organic solar c... 20-03-03
Real Time Measurement of Subgrade Settlement in High Speed Railways with ... 20-03-03
Tuning Interfacial Spins in Antiferromagnetic-Ferromagnetic-Heavy-Metal H... 20-03-03
The temperature difference compensation effect of BCP-based OLEDs by vari... 20-03-03
The Fabrication of Micro/Nano Structures by Laser Machining 20-03-03
Simultaneous Decoding of Eccentricity and Direction Information for a Sin... 20-03-03
A wrinkled structure with broadband and omnidirectional light-trapping ab... 20-03-03
Long Wavelength Type II InAs/GaSb Superlattice Photodetector Using Resona... 20-03-03
Wideband multiwavelength Brillouin fiber laser based on dual-mode AlGaInA... 20-03-03
Metasurface-integrated vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers for progra... 20-03-03
Symmetry-Reduction Enhanced Polarization-Sensitive Photodetection in Core... 20-03-03
Investigation on Microcavity-Feedback Fiber-Loop Lasers by Rate Equation ... 20-03-03
Electronic structures, magnetic properties and lattice strain effects of ... 20-03-03
Catalyst-free growth of two-dimensional hexagonal boron nitride few-layer... 20-03-03
Interplay between various active regions and the interband transition for... 20-03-03

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