Effect of C-doped GaN film thickness on the structural and electrical pro...
High operating temperature InAsSb-based mid-infrared focal plane array wi...
Metasurface-integrated vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers for progra...
Impact of Perovskite Composition on Film Formation Quality and Photophysi...
Recent progress and future prospects of sodium-ion capacitors
Enhanced effect of 1,2-dichlorobenzene on the property of PC61BM and pero...
MBE growth of high quality AlInSb/GaSb compound buffer layers on GaAs sub...
From negative to positive magnetoresistance in the intrinsic magnetic top...
Dual-Functional Transmitter for Simultaneous RF/LFM Signal Using a Monoli...
Watt-Level CW Ti: Sapphire Oscillator Directly Pumped With Green Laser Di...
Suppression the formation of V-pits in InGaN/ GaN multi-quantum well grow... 20-03-06
Clarifying the effect of local structure of Ce3+ and Eu3+ on photolumines... 20-03-06
半導體學報2020年第3期目次 20-03-05
JOS 2019年度Highlights集萃 20-03-05
征稿:《半導體學報》“半導體光電子集成技術”專刊 20-03-05
魏少軍教授:可重構計算——一種有前景的人工智能微芯片結構 20-03-05
半導體學報2020年第2期--面向高能效人工智能計算的可重構芯片技術專刊 20-03-05
半導體學報2020年第2期目次 20-03-05
An investigation into the effects of Streptococcus agalactiae on the 5-HT... 20-03-03
Influence of Silicon-Doping in n-AlGaN Layer on the Optical and Electrica... 20-03-03
Bipolar phototransistor in a vertical Au/graphene/MoS2 van der Waals hete... 20-03-03
Recent Advances in Fiber Supercapacitors: Materials, Device Configuration... 20-03-03
Diammonium-Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite with Phase-Segregated Interpenet... 20-03-03
Nonfullerene Ternary Organic Solar Cell with Effective Charge Transfer be... 20-03-03
Three-Dimensional Mechanistic Modeling of Gate Leakage Current in High-ka... 20-03-03
Giant Strain Control of Antiferromagnetic Moment in Metallic FeMn by Tuni... 20-03-03
A High Spatial Resolution FBG Sensor Array for Measuring Ocean Temperatur... 20-03-03
Multiphoton absorption in type-II InAs/GaSb superlattice structure 20-03-03
GaN/AlN quantum-disk nanorod 280 nm deep ultraviolet light emitting diode... 20-03-03
Photoluminescent Quantum Interference in a van der Waals Magnet Preserved... 20-03-03

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